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Satellite, cable, as well as traditional television services have been declining for quite a while. According to a report published in Variety in the year 2000 the traditional Pay TV lost almost 6 million subscribers in 2019. Up to 25 million more are predicted to drop their subscription to cable television over the coming five years. One of the main reasons to this drop is the high cost. It’s not logical to spend an average of $65 for a single cable connection. Is it?

In the meantime, Over the Top media services are increasing in popularity. The OTT services comprise a myriad of subscribe-based, video-on demand (SVoD) solutions. They are an attractive alternative for cord-cutters since the monthly plans aren’t only affordable, but also without hidden costs. In addition, they are without the hassle of signing an agreement. Users can sign up at whenever they like and can unsubscribe at any time if they do not enjoy the service.

Due to this, many SVoD services such as Youtube TV, Netflix, and FuboTV have slightly increased their rates for different packages. However, there are less expensive alternatives that are available. When we talk about alternatives that are less expensive are used, we’re referring to the third-party IPTV alternatives that you can locate on every forum for cutting cords. Yes, you won’t enjoy the security and reliability of premium providers using these alternatives, but you won’t have to pay the same amount every month for television. This is a great deal!

One alternative one of these alternatives is Sportz TV APK. Sportz TV aka DurexTV has been in existence for a long time, and provides a variety in media. With a mere 10 dollars (approx) each month, you have access to all your favorite media such as Live Tv channels as well as VOD (Movies and TV shows, and many more).


Features of Sportz TV on Firestick

The diverse options of Sportz TV on Firestick include:

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  • Exclusive Content Sportz TV gives you access to over 6000+ international and local channels as well as pay per view (PPV) programming.
  • Cost Pricing Sportz TV has some of the cheapest subscription plans available. For only $9.95 you get to watch this fantastic service across two devices at once.
  • HD Video Quality: All videos are available in full HD (1080p) resolution.
  • Device Support – The official Sportz TV App is compatible on all Android TV Boxes as well as Amazon’s Fire range of devices which includes FireStick.
  • Support for Media Players – Not a fan of using the integrated Sportz TV media player? Don’t worry! The app is compatible with external media players, too.


How to Set Up Sportz TV IPTV on FireStick and Android [Updated for 2022]

How to Sign Up for Sportz IPTV Service

At the time as of the time this article was written, Sportz TV offers three different annual and monthly subscription plans according to the number of simultaneous streams you’d like to have. You can also alter your subscription based on of whether you’d like adult-oriented content or not.

The first subscription plan per month provides access to IPTV on two streaming devices at the same time for only $9.95. In contrast, $14.95 and $19.95 per month plans provide the same feature with four and three devices, respectively.

The yearly subscription plan provides two streams simultaneously with a one-time charge of $105. If you want to get three or four simultaneous streams in a year, you must spend $158 and $210 respectively.

If you’re interested in signing to the Sportz IPTV subscription and stream Live channels to Amazon Fire, your Amazon Fire device, go through the steps below.

  • As we have mentioned earlier, SportzTv was earlier known as DurexTv. First of all you have to visit Durextv.XYZ that is their official site. SportzTv on your computer or mobile device.
  • Scroll down until you don’t find the subscription plans. Click on the subscribe button in your preferred subsection.
  • After that, you need to select the checkbox next to”I Agree. “I Accept” option and then click on the “I agree, proceed by subscribing” button.
  • The next step is to input the login credentials you want to use to access this service. Select a username you prefer as well as your email address. Verify that you’ve entered the correct information in order to be able access SportzTv.
  • Under the choice for Device 1 Select Device 1 and then click the drop menu to display an array of choices. Choose Amazon Firestick as your preferred device.
  • Then, choose if you would like auto-renewal of this subscription, or not. Proceed to the payment page and choose “Pay using Card.” After that, tap “Get Subscription” for the last step.
  • After that make sure you input your credit card information and scroll down until the bottom of the page, and then click “Confirm payment” to confirm your purchase.

After you’ve completed these steps, wait for a couple of minutes to receive an email via Sportz TV confirming your subscription together with login information as well as additional support information. It typically takes anywhere from only a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. Be Patient!

It’s important to note that SportzTv offers no refunds or returns with their subscription plans therefore, once you’ve entered your credit/debit card details and they have deducted the amount of your package that you have agreed to.


Important Note Regarding Sportz TV APK Login Credentials

It is crucial to remember it is important to remember that Sportz TV sends not one but two login information via two separate email addresses.

Note: Hackers can create fake WiFi hotspots that get your passwords and steal your information when you connect onto public WiFi. Secure your data.

The first email will include the login information for your website. You can use these details to access and manage your account on SportzTv using any browser on the internet. the following URL:

The second email will contain an App Login Information. They differ from the usernames for websites. The login credentials for apps are typically 8 digits in each. They can only be used to login to the SportzTvFireStick application.

App login information won’t be compatible with login information for websites and vice the reverse. Don’t mix them up. Also, we recommend placing both logins in a readily accessible and safe location so that you can easily access them at any time.


How to Install Sportz TV on Firestick

However, Sportz TV APK is not available in Amazon’s official Amazon App Store. It is only possible to install Sportz TV IPTV via the Sportz TV Telegram page. This means that there is no other option to install Sportz TV app other than to install it as a sideload on your FireStick.

Don’t worry. We’ve broken down this guide to installation into four simple steps to assist you in installing your Sportz TV app without any issue. Take a look!


Steps to Download Sportz TV on Amazon FireStick

Allow Third-Party Apps

As you’ve probably guessed that, by default FireStick cannot allow installation of applications that come from sources other than third party. It is necessary to activate a developer option in order to circumvent this restriction. Here’s how to achieve this:

  • Then, on the FireStick Home page, click to the right and then select to select the Settings option.
  • Go to the upper right of the screen with your FireStick remote, and then tap”Device and Software. “Device & Software” option. It’s known as “Device” also known as “My Fire TV” for the 2nd Gen Firestick.
  • Then, navigate to Developer Options Then, within the menu that follows switch on an option called Apps from Unknown Sources option.

You can turn it back ON after you finish sideloading.

Get Downloader App

The most straightforward method to install and download Sportz TV APK to your FireStick is to use the Downloader application. These are steps you need to follow to complete the process.

When you are on the FireStick home screen you can move your mouse over the image of the lens to open the Search.

  • Type Downloader can be used via your voice or using the on-screen keyboard.
  • Select Downloader from the autofill results of a search.
  • The Downloader app is available under Apps and Games.
  • Next, click on Get to begin to begin the process of installation.

Once the Downloader App has been installed on your device, click open to launch it.


Sportz TV on Firestick

Install Sportz TV on FireStick

  • When you start Downloader on your first attempt, you must click Allow to allow the application to access the storage features it needs.
  • Remove the quick start guide and go to Home
  • Highlight the URL bar, enter the SportzTV download link:, and hit Go
  • Once the download is complete then click Install to begin your installation. It takes only some minutes.
  • Then, click Done when the installation is completed.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the installation of Sportz TV on FireStick. After you’ve installed Sportz TV, long press the Home button, which will open an easy access menu on the device. Click the Apps button, then scroll through the apps until you find your Sportz TV title. Start the app and begin enjoying the amazing features.

To facilitate access, we recommend shifting this to front. Be sure to erase your Sportz TV APK after you are done. This will make space on your device.


Sign In to Sportz TV APK

After the app is installed to run on the device you’re using, you can use your login credentials that you were provided previously via email to join the app.

  • To begin, open the app on a FireStick
  • Fill in your app login information in their respective fields , along with your name.
  • Then, click on”Add User.
  • You are able to add more users at any time you wish. However the number of streams that can be simultaneously streamed will depend on the configuration of your service.
  • In the following screen choose your profile as a user, click and hold Select. Click Login to stream.

After the app has finished setting up your IPTV after which you’ll be able to access the Home page of the app.


How to Use Sportz TV IPTV on Firestick

The user interface of Sportz TV is pretty bright and intuitive. It is also user-friendly. There are plenty of options in the upper part of the screen, allowing you to alter it to suit your needs. There are Live TV, Movies, Series and Multi Screen Live with EPG and the Catch Up Tiles on the primary screen.

The Live TV menu includes over a dozen different categories, such like All, PPV Kids, Sports, Entertainment Music International And much, Much More. Certain categories could assist you in finding local sports leagues, as well as international channels.

There’s an option to Search. You can connect channels with your list of favorites. Since the app does not offer any catch-up content the TVs, Movies as well as Catch Up tiles don’t work. However, you can use the Multi-Screen feature in order to stream up to the channels you want simultaneously. This section will explain how to do this.


Using the Multi-Screen Feature

To utilize Multi-Screen, simply tap on the multi-screen tiles located on the homepage. Then, you must choose one of the icons that are + and then select the channel you wish to add to the box you want to add it to. It’s Peasy! You can switch to full screen, if you want to, or press the back button to return to the primary multi-screen display. Be aware that the audio will only play on the stream highlighted.

The Multi-Screen feature on Sportz TV will only show screens according to the terms of your subscription. Thus, you can choose to have three, two, or even four streams simultaneously.


Important Details Regarding Multi-Screen Function

  • All streams are playing simultaneously.
  • Only the stream highlighted will play the audio.
  • By selecting and clicking on a particular stream opens the entire screen.
  • When you hit the back button, it returns your to the Multi-Screen screen.
  • Each stream requires its own portion of bandwidth. This means that you require an extremely high speed internet connection to stream the 4 screens at once.
  • The number of streams available depends on the package you’ve subscribed to.


Changing the Default Media Player

We mentioned that you can modify to the media player that is default used for Live TV streams, if you wish. To accomplish it, you must follow the following directions:

  • In the main menu, click the gear icon at the top.
  • From the options Select External Players.
  • Click on Add Player, and select any media player you would like to integrate with SportzTv.

We suggest you go with MX Player. MX Player just because of its sophisticated playback features. These options come in useful when streaming media. In addition the MX player has much greater media compatibility.


Change Player Settings within Sportz TV App

You can also modify the Player Settings built into the SportzTv application. Here’s how to do it:

  • In the main window locate and click on the gear icon to access Settings.
  • The next page, choose on the next screen, select Settings.
  • Select the Native option in the next window (if you’d like this option)
  • Make sure to save your changes to save your changes.

There are alternatives to. Check out the screenshot to get more details.


How to Recover your Sportz TV App Login Details

In case you misplaced or lost your Sportz TV app credentials, this is how you can recover:

  • To begin, visit first the Sportz TV login page and login using your login details for the website.
  • Click on My Order on the right side of the screen, and click it.
  • Then, click Lines in the column under Options.
  • Your app login credentials (username as well as password) will be displayed in the webpage. Save and copy!
  • Don’t lose your login details again, EVER.


How to Contact Sportz TV Support Team

There are two methods to reach to the Sportz TV Support team. Let’s examine each of them individually.


  • The first and most important is via support chat on Telegram. It’s a lively chat support through their channel in Telegram. Users can use the channel to post their problems, questions or concerns. All questions are answered through members of the Sportz TV support team or another members. It’s either way it’s a huge help in resolving your issues.
  • The other option is via the contact form on the internet. To complete this, log into your SportszTv account. Then, on the home page look for an option to Contact Us option. The form should be filled in with a the full description of your issue and you’re done.


How to Install Sportz TV APK on Android TV Box

The installation process for Android Boxes is pretty much similar to FireStick. First of all, you have to enable the Unknown Sources option on your Android Box. Here’s how you can go about it:

  • On your device’s home page navigate to Settings. Next, click More Settings, followed by Security. From the menu of options, look for “Unknown source.” Click it to enable it.
  • You can now download Sportz TV to the Android Box. Follow these steps
  • Run your Android Box. On your home page, you can open your web Browser (It could be Opera, Chrome Opera as well as Android’s own built-in web browser)
  • You can copy the link or paste this link into the browser:

  • Select an option to download the APK. Click it to start downloading the app onto the Android Box. Take a moment to wait until the download completes, and you’ll get the “Sportz TV Live TV downloaded” message.
  • Use the button Home on your remote in order to return to the home page.
  • You must now find the file you downloaded. To find it, head to Apps then ES File Explorer. After that, click the Local option, and then download. There you will locate the downloaded Sportz TV APK.
  • Select the APK to install it, then the APK will begin installing process. Wait a few moments. It shouldn’t take long.

That’s it. Sportz TV is now good to go. You can access this app by going into Apps on the Home page.


Before You Open Sportz TV

When you watch online video on all devices, you’re personal data like IP address, location and web traffic are tracked through third party trackers. Third-party trackers are employed by government agencies, ISPs, and even hackers to fulfill a variety of purposes Some are legal, while others are illegal.

When you are streaming content on the internet, you won’t be aware of whether the site that you’re streaming from has acquired the content legally.