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Are you looking for a cost-effective option to stream films or run Kodi to stream movies on TV? These are the top Android TV boxes that you can purchase

The most effective Android Television boxes are bizarre and amazing things. There’s no standard definition of what they’re and they are available in a myriad of sizes and shapes.

No matter what design they adopt however, it’s evident the benefits of a quality Android TV box is. They can serve as a source of streaming media onto your TV as well as play locally saved games, videos and much more.

There are a lot of options to choose from with a lot of them made by brands that you’ve never thought of, choosing the right Android TV box can be a daunting task.

That’s the place we step in. With our buying guide and suggestions that are based on extensive testing you’ll be able find the ideal Android TV companion.


Best Android TV box 2022

Best Android TV boxes: At a glance


How To Choose The Best Android TV Box For You

What is an Android TV box?

The Android TV box can be described as a tiny set-top box that is roughly the size of an Apple TV, running either Google’s Android TV software or – in more cases it is a reskinned version regular Android. Theoretically this can make it possible to make an Android TV box an extremely adaptable device to stream media to your television via the internet, or from an NAS drive, or for playing local media on the device itself.

A lot of Android TV boxes advertise themselves as Kodi devices, where you can download Kodi software that is open source and access audio and music streaming on an many different services. In the more secluded areas of eBay you may come upon devices claiming to be Android TV boxes which claim to be locked-free or loaded with what are normally subscription channels or content that is free. Beware of them, as they could be illegal.

There are plenty of legally-licensed devices in the market, There’s also nothing illegal with the Kodi platform, as long as that you don’t utilize it with add-ons that allow piracy. If you’re worried about your ISP having access to your Kodi activities, we strongly suggest making use of one of our favorite VPN solutions when you’re using something such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick. A reliable VPN can block your internet traffic to your ISP and will allow you to alter your location so that your Kodi add-ons be able to work from any location.


What Should You Look For In An Android TV Box?

In reality, it’s a crowded market, with specifications as well as the features of the boxes change frequently. If you’re looking to purchase one of the many Chinese-made boxes we’d recommend to look for one that has an eight-core or quad-core processor 2GB to 4GB of RAM, and 16GB to 32GB storage or greater. often confusedly labelled “ROM”.

Dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi, as well as support for 4K are all important features however don’t get too overly excited about claims of 8K or 6K support. Until more TVs and streaming services can support higher than 4K resolutions, they’re practically useless and it’s not certain that these boxes are able to process all the pixels.

Another thing to keep an eye and watch out for is the software. There are a few Android TV units actually support the software Google refers to as Android TV but the majority have a version of Android with the manufacturer’s TV-specific interface. They may or might not be able to access Google Play. Google Play store and may have preinstalled versions of Kodi and other popular video streaming applications.

In general, devices that run authentic Google Android TV are easier to use and are more robust, but even on these devices, you could encounter issues running Netflix as well as Amazon Prime without employing esoteric methods. If you’re not one getting dirty with sideloaded applications as well as reconfiguration, we’d advise staying with the Amazon Fire TV device or Nvidia Shield TV. If you’re content to play around however, there are some bargains and even amusement to be had


The Best Android TV Boxes To Buy In 2022

1. Nvidia Shield TV Pro: The best Android TV box, bar none

Price: £199 | Buy now from Currys PC World


Nvidia Shield TV Pro


Nvidia’s prior Shield TV was the king of Android TVs, but the latest Shield TV Pro almost makes the appearance of a weed. With the Tegra X1+ chip, it’s 25percent faster and it comes with AI-enhanced upscaling for 4K which actually performs, increasing as well the quality and clarity of HD pictures as well as the vibrant colors for an HD screen. It also supports real-time transcoding, which means that should you own an NAS drive that is full of files with different formats it can stream them with no delay. Include the ability to support Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos as well as DTSX surround and you’ll have an ordinary AV powerhouse.

With on the authentic Google TV OS, you can access all applications available that are available on the Google Play store. Plex comes preinstalled, and you can also install Kodi in case you wish to explore more than Netflix, Amazon Prime, iPlayer and other common choices. While the 16GB of onboard storage isn’t enough but you are able to upgrade by using the USB 3.0 external storage device.

Its second major selling point is its games. It’s not just that the Tegra X1+ handle the most popular games that are available on Google Play, but it can also handle the biggest titles on Google Play store, but it can stream games directly to the Nvidia GeForce Now platform, which means you can play games from your games collection in your television (provided the games are compatible with GeForce Now). For certain Kodi enthusiasts, this is a bit overkill while there’s a Shield TV’s new Shield TV “stick” may be more appealing – it has identical software, and features the identical Tegra X1+ chip. In the end, however it’s the best Android TV experience.

  • Key specs – Core spec: Quad-core Tegra X1+ processor, 3GB RAM, 16GB storage, 802.11ac Wi-Fi;
  • Operating system: Android TV on Android 9.0 Pie;
  • Core apps: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Plex, GeForce Now;
  • Voice-enabled remote: Yes


2. Amazon Fire TV Stick (2021): Flexible, Stable and Readily Available

Price: $39 | Buy now from Amazon


Amazon Fire TV Stick


It’s a stick that’s not a box, and it’s not like it’s operating Android However, under Amazon’s customized Fire TV interface you’ll still see Google’s operating system and streaming apps like Plex available on Amazon’s App Store. It’s not the same of Kodi however there are methods for downloading and installing it, as well as numerous other apps that are compatible with TV via sideloading or downloading specific apps.

The basic Fire TV stick will do quite well but with just 1GB RAM, a quad core CPU and storage of 8GB, it’s not as powerful. Regarding technology and hardware, the new 2021 Firestick is exactly like its predecessor. The only distinction is the 2021 version features a slightly revised remote that has an additional channel Guide button as well as four buttons for apps that immediately will take you to various apps like Amazon Prime or Netflix (the particular apps are different from regionally). If you’re an avid Kodi lover, you might prefer to opt 4K version with a more powerful processor as well as 1.5GB of RAM, in addition to the ability to play 4K videos.

  • Key specs – Core spec: Quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage, 802.11ac Wi-Fi;
  • Operating system: Fire OS;
  • Core apps: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Demand 5, Plex;
  • Voice-enabled remote: Yes; HDR: HDR10, HDR10+, HLG


3. Easytone T95 Super: Best Cheap Android TV Box For Kodi

Price: $38.99 | Buy now from Amazon


Easytone T95 Super


Amazon and eBay have a plethora of small and inexpensive Android TV boxes based on the 2GB RAM and 16GB flash storage specifications. The majority of them come with the same remote control, and use a different version of the identical modified Android software. The box comes from Easytone does not do much to differentiate itself from other models, but it’s fairly quick and stable. It’s also easy to use.

The box itself is attractively designed and quite sturdy. Even though the buttons feel cheap however, they’re laid out more clearly than on the remotes that come from bargain-basement boxes. Like most of the cheap Android TVs you’ll have to download additional apps, and you may prefer to install your personal version of Kodi however, with some minor adjustments, it’s an affordable way to make it functional.

  • Key specs – Core spec: Quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, 802.11n Wi-Fi;
  • Operating system: Android 10.0;
  • Core apps: Netflix, Kodi, YouTube, Google Play Movies;
  • Voice-enabled remote: No


4. Xiaomi Mi Box S: The Best Budget Alternative To The Nvidia Shield TV

Price: $79 | Buy now from Amazon


Xiaomi Mi Box S


Xiaomi’s new Android television box may not be ideal It’s experienced some intermittent problems with lag and stability however it’s better than your average Android television box. It is running an official Google version of Android TV, meaning you have a user interface that was designed from scratch to be used with a remote, as well as a variety of apps that are available on Google Play. Google Play Store. In addition, it comes with Google Assistant. Google Assistant and a remote with voice control, meaning you can browse for content or launch an app by only your voice and it is working. If you’ve never played with a couple of Android television boxes you’ll not be aware of the extent to which this is unusual.

It’s also a great device for streaming video. Mi Box S also has built-in Chromecast capabilities, which means you can broadcast applications and web pages directly via your phone or tablet however, you’ll need to ensure that the box and your screen are turned on before you begin because it will not turn into your TV. It can also play 4K content from compatible applications. It’s not available widely.

it is now available for sale in the UK and, in some instances it may feel weak, but if are looking for a low-cost, simple replacement for Shield TV, the Mi Box S is the only Android TV that meets the criteria.

  • Key specs – Core spec: Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor, 2GB RAM, 8GB storage, 802.11ac Wi-Fi;
  • Operating system: Android TV 8.1;
  • Core apps: Netflix, Google Play Movies and TV, YouTube, Google Play store;
  • Voice-enabled remote: Yes


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