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IPTV is now a crucial element to the overall experience of guests in hotels of the present, providing your guests with entertainment they want to enhance their stay.

This is the reason it is crucial to find the best IPTV solutions for hotels. In this post, we’ll examine the most common mistakes that hotels make when searching at the right IPTV solution.

Top 5 mistakes seen when hotels look for IPTV solution

1. Short Term Thinking

Many hotel chains turn to using short-term solutions to solve temporary issues. This is not the right method of approaching a Hotel IPTV solution.

To improve the experience for guests, it is vital to allow to make sure that the IPTV solution to seamlessly integrate into your hotel. A basic welcome menu will not suffice for you to impress your guests by providing an creative and seamless IPTV service.

 2. Losing Sight of the Bigger Picture

Keep an eye on the larger picture when considering the benefits IPTV technology can provide your hotel. A IPTV option isn’t only an option to entertain guests with an array of options for entertainment, it’s an effective marketing tool available to you for your guests throughout the entire experience.

TVs are a great spot to promote advertisements, up-to-date information and notes that are simple that can highlight the greater features of your hotel. Making the most of opportunities such as this is a great method of generating additional revenues for your hotel and all it takes is the installation of IPTV technology.

3. Attempting A DIY IPTV Solution

This is another major mistake that hotel chains can commit when they are looking at the best IPTV solution. Making up a flimsy service that includes thousands of Chromecasts as well as Apple TVs could result in a non-professional solution that leaves your hotel vulnerable to logistical issues, security weaknesses and even theft.

In just a few days your hotel could be faced issues with breaches of data, damaged equipment, and much more. Avoid this by using IPTV technology.

4. Forgetting Integrations & Branding

Another mistake that is often made by hotels looking to invest in IPTV technologies is to overlook about the possibility of integrations and uniform branding. Not only must your IPTV solution seamlessly integrate with the brand identity that your establishment has, it must also be integrated into the complete experience in the room.

This means integrating your IPTV solution with lighting and curtains and temperature control as well as other crucial aspects of your guest experience. This will allow you to provide an experience of first-class innovation that will keep your guests returning time and for more.

5. Ignoring The Future

An IPTV must never be built to remain static. It should be adaptable and able to evolve into the next major technology shift which your hotel organization may wish to incorporate. The hotel you are in requires the help of an IPTV solution that is capable of adapting to the latest technology to offer the most current customer experience.

Do not make the mistake of ignoring the future potential of your IPTV and then opting for a less expensive and less efficient solution.

Avoid These Mistakes, Choose Innspire

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