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With the Amazon Fire Stick, you can utilise practically any streaming service, including Netflix, Hulu, and live TV options like Sling or DirecTV Now. Additionally, you take advantage of Amazon’s movie rental store, streaming service, and huge selection of games and apps.

You’ve probably observed that as you use your Fire Stick more, the slower it becomes. If you’ve had a Fire Stick for a while, especially if you use Kodi, you may wish to clean the cache on your device to speed it up. What cache is, how it works, and how to remove it on your Fire Stick are all covered in this post.


How To Clear The Cache On An Amazon Fire Stick

What is Cache Memory?

A device saves all of the many operations and pieces of information that are often utilised in an application in a special area called cache memory. Apps can operate more effectively and start up more quickly thanks to this form of storage. For instance, if you frequently access a webpage while using Google Chrome, the browser will save that information to make loading it faster each time. The cache is made for quicker, lighter processes; it is comparable to conventional main memory.

Applications store a variety of data, as you might expect, and this will eventually cause your device to run slower. Given that the cache memory’s main function is to keep things moving quickly, it’s a touch ironic. This situation demonstrates why it’s crucial to keep the cache for various software updated. Check the apps you use the most regularly initially because some use cache much more than others. An application is more likely to have high cache memory the more data it processes.

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Clearing Your Kodi Cache through Settings

Here’s some good news if you’re experiencing trouble with a particular app: cleaning cache on the Fire Stick is really simple.


  • Navigate to the Fire Stick’s main menu. When there, select “Manage All Installed Applications” under “Settings.”

Clearing Your Kodi Cache through Settings

  • To view details like file size, data storage, and cache size, select a programme.

Clearing Your Kodi Cache through Settings

  • To remove all temporary files, select “Clear cache” from the drop-down menu.

Clearing Your Kodi Cache through Settings

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It will wipe the cache in a brief period of time, though the precise amount of time will depend on how big the app’s cache is. Repeat the process as necessary across as many apps as you like.



Kodi on Fire Stick is Big on Cache




Although Kodi is a programme much like any other, it probably has a lot more built-up cache than other apps. Because they adore the well-known app, users find a way to install Kodi on Fire TV Stick. If you fall within such category, your cache problem will probably be lot worse than it is for a typical Firestick user. So, proceed as described before, but make sure you pick Kodi first. If Kodi is installed on your device and it is going slowly, Kodi is probably the main problem.

Regardless of whether you use Kodi or not, it’s a good idea to regularly delete your cache to keep your device in check.


Unofficial Apps on Fire TV Sticks Consume Significant Cache

When unapproved software like Kodi are installed on Fire Sticks, they frequently lag the most. So, it’s crucial to routinely clear the app cache if you use a Fire Stick that you’ve rigged out with a variety of apps and other add-ons. Sadly, there is no option for mass deletion. Each Fire Stick app’s cache needs to be cleared separately.

NOTE: Avoid selecting “Clear data” while emptying the cache in any programme.

By selecting “Clear Data,” you can remove all of the app’s customizations, preferences, cached data, and saved data. The procedure resets the app to its default settings. Your device should now operate considerably more quickly, providing you haven’t unintentionally destroyed anything, and you’ll have more room for installing new apps.

Applications will run more quickly on your Fire Stick, but you’ll also free up a tonne of space for downloading more appealing apps. Just remember to never accidentally press “Clear data”!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: What happens when I clear an app’s cache on Fire Stick?

If you performed the above instructions, the app’s functionality shouldn’t change other than the fact that your Fire Stick is operating more efficiently. Your login details, watch history, and in-app preferences should all be preserved because the cache only retains extraneous files and data.

Q2: I cleared the cache but my Fire Stick is still running slow. What else can I do?

The easiest and least invasive way to solve the majority of technical issues is to clear the cache. However, you might need to try something new if your Fire Stick or the app is still having issues. Verify, for instance, that your Fire Stick, the app, and the app store are all current. To address issues and increase the security of your programme, developers provide new updates. Issues can arise from a Fire Stick or app that is seriously out of date.

Getting rid of pointless apps or material from your Fire Stick is another item to think about. It becomes more difficult for your smartphone to function effectively the more content you have downloaded. Try removing some outdated programmes from your device.

Finally, you could attempt to factory reset your Fire Stick. Depending on the software bug that is the root of your problems, this should resolve it. Just keep in mind that doing so will result in a complete wipe of your Fire Stick and a fresh start.