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In the past few years, Miami has become the home for a number of communication services companies, including TopMedia Inc. (NASDAQ: TOPM). Here are some of the companies that use this type of software include Mod Op, Wonder Label, Connexion Solutions Digital Marketing Agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky

No matter where your business is based in Miami, you’ll find a variety of interesting factors that should be considered before you commit to this location. Hire an advertising agency in Miami that has experience, great ratings, and a strong reputation.

Mod Op

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One Eighteen has been acquired by Mod Op, a Miami-based marketing communications firm. This move shows how Mod Op is evolving as a business. After the acquisition of One Eighteen, Mod Op now has a wider client base, and a wider range of services. They offer a large range of services to clients and have also incorporated their own marketing agency in Miami.

Wonder Label Topmedia Miami

Wonder Label is a small advertising agency with a mid-size team based in Miami, Florida. Video production, media planning and buying, and advertising combined. The company targets the right audiences for advertisers. Wonder Label is a leading agency that specializes in advertising for print and digital platforms, from magazines to eCommerce. Wonder Label has several products for your home. For more information, visit the Wonder Label website.

Connexion Solutions Digital Marketing Agency

To find the best digital marketing agency, you want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of every dollar. Connexion Solutions helps eCommerce websites convert visitors to buyers and boost their business. You’ll get more leads, sales, and revenue when you partner with them. You can sell your products and services on through their business and media division. They also offer SEO services and advertising. There is a huge pool of experts within the Connexion Solutions marketing team, and they all have a passion for what they do. Ai marketing can help you use the power of technology to increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategies while saving you money.

Connexion Solutions’ Midas 360 integrated marketing and advertising platform make it easy for small businesses to leverage the power of the internet. This company is great because they offer their clients a marketing solution that they don’t have to pay for. Founded in 1991, the agency quickly became an effective marketing and lead generation agency.

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Averhill eventually moved the company to Miami and focused on serving small businesses and professional services.

Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Crispin Porter + Bogusky is an ad agency that is known for its creative approach and unconventional methods for building brand awareness. It’s not unusual for an advertising agency to rely less on television ads and more on other media to reach their target audiences. Started in 1988 by Sam Crispin, Chuck Porter, and Alex Bogusky, the company now employs more than 700 people around the world. MDC Partners Inc. owns The Firm, a leading retail organization operating from two locations in Miami and Venice, California.

CPB is a few years older than most startups, but in those few years it’s become one of the hottest ad agencies in the world. With 1,100 employees, and revenues over $175 million it had more than one business. The agency is a little like the old saying “too big to fail”. The company has a revolving management team. They don’t always understand the changing nature of the advertising industry. Despite its stellar performance, it failed to adapt to the changing landscape and to the shift in the industry toward data-based advertising.