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Do you want to get the true taste of technology? Then, you must switch to IPTV from regular television. Yes, living in this technologically advanced era, you must pair your entertainment system with IPTV player IOS. Talking about IPTV, it is an innovative product and it offers the most convenient way of watching television. Apart from watching television, you can watch a lot of movies and your favorite TV shows.

Talking about the traditional mode of watching television, you will have to depend upon the broadcasters. You cannot watch your favorite shows and movies whenever you want. Moreover, in this modern era, where people have a very messy and hectic schedule, you cannot enjoy your favorite content. If you choose IPTV IOS, you do not have to compromise with your professional life. It allows content recording, VOD content, and many more. You can schedule each and every show and therefore, you can enjoy the television content during your leisure period.

If you see the current trend, people are actually approaching the IPTV. Consequently, there are many platforms that are offering the IPTV service. However, among them, Topmedia is a reliable name. It supports iOS and therefore, if you are using the iOS device, you can easily integrate the IPTV system with the help of the IPTV player. If you have not yet owned it, you do not have to worry. Here, we will be talking about the important aspects of the IPTV player IOS.


Before letting you know the ultimate advantages of IPTV player IOS, you must understand how it works. Well, IPTV uses the internet protocol technology to deliver content, and therefore, here, you do not require a satellite or cable connection. The entire ecosystem runs wirelessly and this is why it is very simple and reliable. You can enjoy live television channels wherever and whenever you want with the help of IPTV player IOS. Moreover, IPTV player also offers VOD content. It means that you will get access to an advanced video library. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows by paying a small fee. All these things really make the entire IPTV player IOS more approachable.

Talking about the number of television channels, Topmedia offers more than 900 channels. You will get all those channels in high definition quality. Apart from this, there are many more features that come up with IPTV IOS such as content recording, scheduling your favorite content, parenting control, 3D channels, and many more. IPTV player is specifically designed for iOS users. You can run this player on any iOS device and thus, you can watch the IPTV content on multiple devices. However, if you are into the Android ecosystem, you need to go for the Topmedia Android application.

Ultimate Advantages Of Using IPTV Player IOS

Understanding the ultimate advantages of IPTV player IOS is very important. This is why here will be talking about them.

  • Highly Interactive TV Guide: The first thing that you get with Topmedia IPTV player IOS is a highly interactive TV guide. Yes, in the case of analog TV, you do not have this option. Here, with the help of this interactive TV guide, you can schedule almost everything. You will also get to know when your favorite TV show will be started. You can also switch to your favorite TV show instantly.
  • Instantly Switch To Your Favorite Content: There are so many interesting features that you will get with IPTV player IOS and this is one of them. First of all, you will have to schedule the TV program that you want to watch. Now, when it will be telecasted, the IPTV player will automatically switch to that channel. Thus, you will never miss your favorite content.
  • Record Everything: Another interesting feature of IPTV player IOS is that it allows you to record any content. Yes, you can record any show or movie that is being telecasted on any channel. You need to make sure that you have a good storage device and thus, you do not have to compromise with anything for watching your favorite content. You just need to record the content and then, you can watch it whenever you want. You can even play the content on another device such as your desktop or laptop.

IPTV Player IOS Supports Different Devices

If you are thinking that IPTV player is only designed for television, you are wrong. You can run it on other iOS devices as well. It basically makes the IPTV ecosystem more flexible. You do not have to compulsorily sit in front of your TV to enjoy the content. If you want, you can watch your favorite content on your laptop and desktop as well. If you travel a lot, IPTV player IOS will be a good option for you. It allows you to watch content on the go.

Become Topmedia Live User

By now, we have covered the important aspects of IPTV player IOS. Anyway, if you are someone who is struggling to choose the right IPTV service provider, you will not have to worry. Here, we have the best option for you. Yes, we are talking about Topmedia Live. Here, you will get full HD content and along with this, you will support split-screen, multiple logins, and many more. Topmedia Live also gives you a reminder about the expiry day. Therefore, you will always get an uninterrupted experience.

Topmedia Live offers different plans for different users. If you want to use it for a single device, you can go for a $20 plan. Here, you will get 900 HD channels and along with this, you will receive an update every week. Now, if you want it for multiple devices, you do not have to worry as there is another plan for you. Yes, you can go for a $35 plan where you can use the IPTV service on multiple devices. You will get access to 900 HD channels and you will also receive updates every week. You can also enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows after paying a small fee.